Environmental Services

Environmental Services

EnviroPlan is a environmental services company incorporated in Connecticut whose focus is lead, asbestos and radon testing and consulting, environmental site assessments, transaction screens, training and related services for public, commercial and residential properties.

Radon Testing

EnviroPlan performs radon testing in building interiors, air and water. If your radon levels are found to exceed EPA and state thresholds, we recommend that an appropriate radon mitigation system be installed.

Asbestos Inspection and Management

EnviroPlan offers comprehensive asbestos inspection services and develops operations and maintenance plans to manage asbestos as an alternative to costly asbestos removal.

EPA Lead Training

Neal Freuden is a certified EPA and state instructor for multiple lead courses in Connecticut and Massachusetts including Lead Inspector, Lead Risk Assessor, Lead Planner/Project Designer, Lead Abatement Supervisor, Moderate Risk Deleading and Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP).

Lead-Based Paint Inspection and Risk Assesment

EnviroPlan conducts comprehensive lead-based paint inspections to locate toxic levels of lead in a facility and perform a risk assessment to determine if it meets the definition of hazardous and requires correction.

Environmental Site Assessments/Transaction Screens

EnviroPlan conducts ASTM environmental assessment and risk management standards commonly required by private lenders and government agencies financing the purchase of or re-financing real property.


Neal Freuden

Neal Freuden

Neal Freuden is the founder, owner and president of EnviroPlan LLC. Neal has been providing environmental consulting services since 1987 to clients in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. [more...]

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